Yellow Belly Honey, LLC
Contact: Jesse Mseitif
Address: 10100 131st Lane SE Rainier, WA, 98576-9751
Email Address:
Phone: 253-549-2017
Yellow Belly Raw Honey is unheated, untreated, antibiotic and pesticide free; in sum, no chemicals or artificial methods are used in our production!
While these methods are labor intensive and with many inherent challenges, we preference niche quality over low-grade quantity. We hand bottle everything to order, ensuring freshness and the closest taste to the actual hive as one can get. We welcome anybody to come by our eleven acre Yellow Belly Farm and see our best practices for themselves. In addition to our beehives, we use organic practices on our farm which has free range chickens, horses, fruit trees, grapevines, raspberry’s, a robust vegetable garden, and much more! We guarantee you’ll find no farm which is cleaner, safer, and with as diverse an ecosystem as Yellow Belly Farm.