Bill Fold Family Farm
Contact: Leona Lisa & Jonathan Bill
Address: 9501 159th St NW Gig Harbor, WA, 98329
Email Address:
Phone: 253-857-4127
About Us
We provide our pasture raised pork with woods and fields to root through and enjoy. While the pens are much larger than confinement operations, they still get frequently relocated to have fresh area to explore. In addition to balanced hog feed, they get fresh produce and milk to augment their diet.

Our Lamb is young and allowed to wean naturally-so on milk much longer than other lambs, transitioned to hay and produce diet and is hormone and antibiotic free.

Our poultry is secured in a hen yard/coops at night with access to free range on the whole property during days.
While not certified Organic, we engage in organic practices with our produce and livestock. Most vegetables are grown from certified organic seed, and are grown without commercial pesticides or fertilizers.