Rolling Bounty Farm
Contact: Ann Gilman
Address: 15871 Glenwood Rd SW Port Orchard, WA, 98367
Email Address:
Phone: 206-660-5733
About Us
Hello, my name is Ann Gilman, and I’m the farmer of Rolling Bounty Farm where I grow organic vegetables and fruits. I studied organic agriculture at The Evergreen State College where I acquired skills essential to securing a healthy planet for future generations. After the program, I was confident I wanted to become a farmer and an integral part in food security, but I lacked the land to do so. I was provided the names of a couple who placed their property in a farmland trust and wanted to lease off sections of the property for successional farming. I was confident that I possessed the necessary skill level needed to start my own farm, so I jumped at the opportunity, and I’m now leasing an acre with plans of future expansion.

The retired farmers of Rokalu Farms, Bob Gilby and Donna Branch-Gilby, who passionately support the health and connections of the South Kitsap community, have given me the opportunity to begin my agrarian dream through successional farming. Successional farming is more important than ever and is crucial to passing farmland onto next generations as smoothly and successfully as possible. Together we are committed to growing a stronger food system connecting land and community.

The Rolling Bounty Farm’s mission is to provide local, organic food with an emphasis on integrity and transparency in our food systems. I believe that small farming will make significant changes in our current unsustainable food systems that will support the wellness of the people and the planet. I look forward to building a healthier community with you.
Non-certified organic and regenerative land management.