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About Us
Founded in 2012 on the shores of the Salish Sea on Bainbridge Island, Washington, Iggy’s was launched to honor the rich history of fermentation and the critical role it has played around the world in cultures and food systems for centuries.

We’re foodies, herbalists, artists, musicians, sci-fi fans, fishers and foragers, homesteaders, home-brewers, parents, backcountry-badasses, and fermentation freaks. We show up to work every day to craft the finest fermented beverages on the market, and we love to share.

Our culture mirrors our fermentation practices, and through passion and perseverance, shared meals and camaraderie, our mandate is to be better human beings and realize our collaborative vision of creating extraordinary fermented products that harmonize cultures and communities.
Kvass hails from Eastern Europe, where it is sold on the streets and has been popularized through the ages.
We’ve put a brighter spin on an already-famous beverage, and brew ours with nourishing organic beets, carrots, and lactobacillus culture. Traditionally, kvass is fermented with dried rye bread scraps, fruit for sugars, and a yeast starter.
With beets and carrots sourced from local, organic farms, we think you may have found your new favorite beverage.

Honeybrew Kombucha & Jun
Iggy’s Honeybrew Kombucha is craft brewed with a 100% honey-fed Jun culture - a relative of the now well-known kombucha's fed with sugar - that produces a sparkling probiotic drink that is delightfully rich and slightly tangy.
Our process leads to a smooth, ambrosial product akin to a fine mead or champagne, and is much less vinegary than kombuchas made with cane sugar. Blended with whole botanicals that invigorate the senses, with one sip you'll recognize the quality of our brews.
We ferment for six weeks or more - a statistic that is virtually unheard of in the kombucha industry - giving our brew a mature and refined quality that stands out amongst the crowd.