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Black Sheep Family Farms LLC started as us trying to learn how to grow food we could eat all year round for our family, and by year two when we started giving away pounds of fresh corn, tomatoes, potatoes, garlic, and more... we decided we'd become professional farmers bringing delicious food to our local community. We officially started this business in 2021, but Basil (yes, like the herb) our garden manager, has been caring for the flora his whole life. We live in "tornado alley" just outside Port Orchard "city limits", on 3/4 acres land that we've turned into a homestead.
We've spent the past several years learning about and using sustainable, regenerative, and organic practices in hopes to teach and share the benefits with everyone we meet, and get to eat with!

Visit our website to see some more of our farm and fun activities!
We use a wide variety of sustain, regenerative, and organic practices to cultivate our food.
We use rain barrels throughout the year to collect water and feed our garden, and have begun to install drip systems attached to these barrels that feed directly into our raised beds. We hope one day to get rid of the sprinkler system which loses much water through evaporation.
Our raised beds are made from pallets and natural woods, cobbled together over the years. This helps protect our food from low lying animals like bunnies and slugs (did you know setting out an old beer can with some beer is actually a baited slug trap?!). We've flipped more than 50% of our "grass yard" and added more layers of compost (both made by us and bought locally). Some of our property is hillside made from fallen trees that we filled in and added mulch to do create "Hugelkultur" garden beds. We've got native trees, shrubs, ferns, and berries throughout our property that also provide sunshades for many plants.
Even our cats help by attempting to take out the broccoli moths! Our (one hive this year, hoping to add more) bees help pollenate and liven up the whole place.
We even built a small greenhouse to help create "off season" starting areas for our plants.