Taylor's Honey Farm
Address: 13208 42nd Ave E Tacoma, WA, 98446
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Phone: 253-330-6329
About Us
Bonnie Ryker, the owner of Taylor Honey farm has been beekeeping for 17 years. She gleaned her time-honored beekeeping practices from a gentleman considered to be the Grandfather of Western Washington beekeeping. By working at his side and under his tutelage for 15 years,she has come to understand the complexities of beekeeping in our contemporary environment.
Bonnie "works" her bees the traditional way. By moving her hives "crop to crop" from the thistle and yellow clover fields of Southwestern Washington to the Fire weed and Blueberry fields of the Bald Mountains. She sources the cleanest nectar and pollen available for her bees.
A herbalist and environmentalist at heart, Bonnie cares deeply about the current condition of the bee population. She is doing most everything possible to increase the local population of Apis Mellifica (the western honeybee) while providing clean, high quality, raw, local honey and raw honey products with integrity.
Taylor's Honey takes no shortcuts, uses no middlemen, heating, processing, sugar beets, sugar syrups or overflow hives. The use of chemical herbicides/pesticides are not considered acceptable practices. All the gathering, extracting and bottling is done by hand, the old fashioned way. Taylor's offers one of the purest lines of local raw honey and honey products available in Western Washington Real local raw honey and pollen straight from the bees to you.