Digg Deep Farm
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About Us
We are a new farm located in Vaughn near the top of the Key Peninsula. This year we have 1/4 acre in production as our first market garden. We are creating a space to raise our kids, eat great food, and be a part of our community.
When we think about what we want our farm to be in the future, we see we will get there through regenerative agriculture practices, respecting the land and working to only ever make it better. We have 24 raised beds, peppered with huge stumps that will decay over time. Those raised beds allow us to use no-till practices. The main feature of our garden is a large hugelkultur where I'm experimenting with winter squash growing. While we are not certified organic, we make sure that any soil amendments, compost, or fertilizers we use are OMRI certified. We are grateful for the diverse ecosystem- we don't have to worry about slugs because the garter snakes handle those. The lacewings seem to have handled most of the cabbage moths, and the lady bugs keep the aphids at bay.