Steepers Artisan Teas
Contact: Melanie Allen
Address: PMB 132, 3110 Judson Street 4619 Bear Creek Lane Gig Harbor, WA, 98335
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Phone: 253-441-5528
About Us
Perfect Tea for the Perfect Time

I have been a tea drinker ever since I could hold a cup. Tea has been a staple through all the ups, downs, craziness, and calmness in my life. I am passionate about blending teas and in 2012, decided to start the journey of sharing my love of this truly amazing beverage. Teas and other botanicals provide an endless palette of flavors and properties. As a tea artisan, I create blends for those special moments passionate tea drinkers look forward to each day.
Steepers Artisan Teas are handcrafted with only premium quality teas and botanicals.
We use organic ingredients whenever possible and never add artificial ingredients. All Classic Teas (unblended) are organic; Signature Blends are very close to being 100% organic.