Heyday@Winney Farm LLC
Contact: Brian and Penny Stahl
Address: 5129 McDonald Ave Bainbridge Island, WA, 98110
Email Address:
Phone: 206-799-1460
About Us
Heyday Farm is a family-owned 25 acre sustainable and historic farm on Bainbridge Island. Our
commitment is to increase our collective nourishment just as family farms did back in the Heyday. By
aiming for pre-industrial, closed loop farming practices, we grow food of the highest integrity, taste and
quality. We approach this work with respect and gratitude for our community of people, animals and
plants. From this gratitude comes our commitment to increase our collective nourishment just as farms
did back in their heydays.
Our animals are pasture raised on Bainbridge Island. Our eggs and animal products are hormone and
antibiotic free. The BEEF is grass fed, and the cows are rotated throughout our various pastures to ensure
access to fresh grass throughout the growing season. Our pork is pasture raised in our newly completed
paddock system, allowing us to cycle our pigs onto fresh grass throughout the season.
All of our beef and PORK is processed through Puget Sound Processing, a local USDA approved
facility. Our BROILERS spend the first three weeks in our brooder house and then spend the remaining 4-5
weeks on pasture, where they are moved daily onto fresh grass. Our TURKEYS spend their first three weeks in
our brooder house. They spend the remaining 3-3.5 months on pasture, where they are moved daily to fresh
grass. We process our poultry (broilers and turkeys) at our WSDA approved facility on-site.
Our LAYING HENS are started each winter in our brooder house. Once spring begins, they are moved to our
pasture chicken tractors that are moved daily to fresh grass.
Our pigs, broilers, turkeys, and layer hens are all fed feed from a PNW local feed mill.
We take the most ecologically sound and closed-loop approaches from pre- industrial and current-day
farming practices and apply them to growing and raising food of the highest taste and quality.
Our pasture rotation management allows us to improve the soil and fertility of our 25 acre farm.
Proper management allows us to prevent over grazing, while increasing the overall nutrient availability for our
grasses, and in turn, our livestock. We have an industrial composting set-up on the farm that allows us to
compost all of our animal wastes/bedding/offal. We are also able to accommodate restaurant waste from the
Heyday Farm House on Old Mill Rd. The compost is then spread on the pastures during the spring.
All of our feed is ordered in bulk one-ton totes that allow us to minimize the waste that traditional 50-lb feed
sacks generate. Empty totes are posted on Craigslist for reuse and up-cycling purposes, to keep them from
entering into landfills.
Successful farm management has allowed us to preserve 25 acres of historic island farmland, while
allowing us to provide healthy pasture-raised products to our local community