Harstine Acres
Contact: Joseph & Lucia Robertson
Address: 3570 E North Island Drive Shelton, WA, 98584
Email Address:
Phone: 360-427-3246
About Us
We are a small family run U -Pick farm located on Harstine Island, in Mason County. We have grown, and raised, a lot of our own food for many years and have always felt a great blessing and joy to be able to do so. So four years ago, we decided to share our love of healthy, fresh grown fruits and veggies with our community by opening a U-Pick garden and participating at our local Harstine Island Farmers Market. Now, we have been blessed with the opportunity to bring our bounty to you.
We use natural organic methods and have worked closely with the Mason County Conservation in sustaining our natural resources.
We grow mainly heirloom vegetables and use organic and non gmo seeds.
We strive to provide you the healthiest and freshest produce we can.