OlyKraut LLC
Contact: Sash Sunday
Address: PO Box 1234 2300 Friendly Grove Road NE, Olympia, WA 98506 Olympia, WA, 98507
Email Address:
Phone: 360-956-1048
About Us
OlyKraut is a small artisan company, which has been rooted in Olympia since 2008. We are completely devoted to producing energetically rich, probiotic, organic, raw and vegan fermented vegetable products, as locally as possible. We hope to schedule our processing based on the abundance of harvest time in the pacific Northwest.

We offer seasonal blends, such as Spring Nettle, to incorporate wild tonics and medicinal herbs. All of our culinary creations celebrate life, raw tradition and ancient preservation techniques that enhance and intensify the nutritional value of raw vegetables. Filled with probiotic (Lactobacilli) that boost immune function, support astounding digestion, revitalize the body after antibiotic treatment and increase overall nutrient absorption.

OlyKraut can be enjoyed everyday for a maximum effect.
Our krauts and pickles are made from organic and wild ingredients. When possible, we purchase cabbage, onions, and carrots from local and regional farms. We do not buy any raw ingredients that are grown using chemical pesticides or fertilizers. We would like this planet to last far into the future.