Rusty Wheel Farm *
Address: P.O. Box 35 Vaughn, WA, 98394
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Phone: 253-722-8351
About Us
We are a family-owned and operated business committed to producing naturally raised pork in an environmentally friendly way. We pasture raise Heritage Berkshire pigs, supplementing their diet with Non-GMO feed and organic vegetables from our garden.

We offer our customers USDA processed Non-GMO pork products including sausage, bacon, chops, roasts, and rendered lard.
We never use growth hormones or antibiotics. This allows us to offer consumers a delicious alternative to commercial farm pork products while helping to ensure the continuance of the Berkshire breed. We are proud of our contribution to the preservation of these rare and important heritage pigs.
Our mission is to raise pure-bred Berkshire pigs in a natural environment the slow, old-fashioned way without antibiotics, chemicals or hormones. Animal welfare will remain our top priority. We never dock tails or clip teeth because we don’t need to. Pigs raised outside with room to roam don’t develop aggressive behavior.
We do not believe the use of farrowing crates is justified or acceptable. Berkshire sows are naturally good mothers. They have smaller litters (7-8 piglets) than other breeds allowing them to care for all their offspring.

To support environmental stewardship, we rotate pastures and practice lower stocking rates. These practices ensure animal welfare, lower the risk of parasites and reduce soil erosion.