Old Frontier Farms
Contact: Shawna Oien
Address: Po Box 34 Allyn, WA, 98524
Email Address:
Phone: 360-801-3230
About Us
Old Frontier Farms (which used to be located in Silverdale, Wa) is now located off the tip of North Bay Inlet in the beautiful maritime pacific northwest just outside of Allyn, Wa.

Our vegetables and other produce are organically grown and raised using only ORMI certified products. Our flocks of ducks and chickens work side by side as our integrated pest management task force! There are no antibiotics, hormones, pesticides or herbicides used on our land or animals. We grow in market style, no-till, mounded beds to really grow some food and we forage from the forest using ethical, earth loving practices.

Shawna Oien, owner of Old Frontier Farms, has been a lifelong gardener. Over the past 17 years of educating her children, she has shared her love of nature and skills learned through involvement in agriculture, health and exercise as a hobbyist, a coach, an instructor in the community, schools, churches, local non-profits, and professionally. Her formal education is in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Systems from Peninsula College, is a certified Master Gardener through WSU and a certified REFIT instructor.
Market Style Beds
Mounded Beds
IPM (Integrated Pest Management)
Ethical Foraging